by / reus

Hello! My name is By or Reus! I do also go by my irl name but only friends/close moots are allowed to use them! I'm croatian and also reside there. I really like video games (specifically only like.... Fire Emblem teehee autism moment). Due to my autism I have extreme trouble interacting with other people I either admire or have never interacted with, I apologize in advance if I respond late to dms!

Other than Fire Emblem I also like drawing, writing, roleplaying and making Spotify playlists! Dogs also happen to be a part of some of my special interests, so please send me content with dogs if you find any!

Fire Emblem

Legend of Zelda



Girl from Nowhere


Scene & Emo Subculture

Visual Kei


I think self diagnosis is valid as long as the person does research (this comes from a person professionally diagnosed with autism), english is not my first language, I have extreme social anxiety and that makes it hard for me to communicate most of the time, I'm mostly active on my spam! Ask me to follow it.

Before You Follow

If you interact with Eli/Sylvain (thelanceofruin/sayakamiikiis/sylvainmeow). That rotting ballsack literally traumatized me and he also calls S/A victims wh*res.

Interact with shusodayo.

Basic DNI criteria, you're an exclus, you unironically call people/characters ''lolis'' or ''shotas''. you call other people the r slur regardless if you can reclaim it or not, you make fun of people's appearances especially if they did nothing wrong, you ship Dimigard, you frequently interact with my ex Matt (dm for more info), you aren't critical of the sources you're into, you constantly joke about dying in graphic ways, you're american... /hj, you make those dumb grooming simulator jokes about Byleth.

Do Not Interact

What program do you use? I use Fire Alpaca and sometimes Ibis Paint! What do you use to draw? I use a Wacom graphic tablet!